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The Testimonials

Cartwright - The Testimonials

"Please pass on my thanks to all in the team who work hard to deliver a great service."

Paul Stainbridge, PTL Trustees

"Ever since you took over responsibility for our pension fund, I have been most impressed by your efficiency and presentation. I congratulate you."

Queen Alexandra Hospital

"An excellent service,
always constructive and supportive."

Arab British Chamber of Commerce

"Thank you for your clear investment advice, both delivered in person and in your report; it is very helpful to the trustees as it approaches the issues by looking at the various risks in a truly integrated manner, and stands out in this respect against other investment advice I have received from different firms. The renewed investment strategy and agreed valuation puts the trustees in a stronger position to meet the scheme's obligations to the members in full."

Capital Cranfield Trustee Director

"Thanks once again for a great job. You will not realise how much easier it is for me dealing with Cartwright."

MSI plc

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